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Salt Water Powered Robot (unboxed)
Salt Water Powered Robot (unboxed)
Our Price: $9.99

Put this robot mini vehicle together, then add salty water to the power compartment and off it goes! No Batteries required! It's amazing! more info
Tumbling Robot
Tumbling Robot
Our Price: $12.95

The tumbling Robot can walk! No matter how falls and stumbles, the Tumbling Robot gets up without any help! How does the Tumbling Robot do it? The secret lies in its clever motion mechanism.

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Our Price: $16.99

Construct this easy-to-build Insectoid! Discover the mechanisms behind robotic movement. It crawls, wriggles and walks!

Contains Body cover, body, leg link connector, motor with gear, large gear with crank, small gear, 2 terminal caps, 3 connecting caps, 2 washer screws, 9 screws, battery cover, short leg link, long leg link, 2 antennas, front leg, back leg and detailed instructions. Also needed but not provided: a cross-head screwdriver and a 1.5V AAA battery. It is approximately 28cm in length with antennas.
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Remote Control Rattle Snake
Remote Control Rattle Snake
Our Price: $23.95

Commit a few pranks or just have regular fun with this IR remote
controlled snake! It moves like a real snake and its tongue moves in and
out while its tail shakes. Charges from USB, remote uses 3 AG13
batteries. Overall snake body length is 15". For ages 8+.
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Hexapod 3D Printed Robot
Hexapod 3D Printed Robot
Our Price: $239.99

There is no cooler 3D printer project you can make! This is a 3D printed fully functional STEM project where students 3D print, design, engineer, and program their robot! We have a free curriculum to support you! Great project for 4th-12th grade!

  • QuickBuild Maker Kit: No 3D printed plastic parts included! It has everything you need and all electrical wiring is already completed and tested, and additional items are included: light sensor, ultrasonic rangefinder sensor, programming cable, extra magnets for accessories like Joust. The pre-wired electrical system cuts the build from about two hours to under one hour and also eliminates wiring errors.
  • QuickBuild Complete Kit: Has everything in the QuickBuild Maker Kit plus all the 3D printed plastic parts for the hexapod robot, gamepad, and accessories for games like Joust, Capture the Flag, Fidget Spinner Challenge, and sensor housings. You can assemble in less than one hour with our QuickBuild system.
  • Control your robot from the included Gamepad, able to execute 60 different motions and in Deluxe models can record and playback gamepad actions.
  • Fully supports the MIT drag-and-drop programming system to create your own custom motions, read sensors on the robot. Deluxe packages even allow new motions to be stored on the gamepad and called up using gamepad buttons of your choice!
  • All 3D models are open source: modify them and add your own hacks and extensions to your heart's content! All software is also open source.
  • QuickBuild kits already have electrical components other than servos wired together. This makes it far easier for younger students to assemble and eliminates almost all wiring errors. All our kits are protected against reverse-battery insertion, making it far more kid-friendly than older versions of the project.


  • Batteries. The hexapod requires two 18650 LI-ON batteries and a compatible smart charger. These are available from many sources. There are low-cost bundles of two EBL 3000 mAh batteries plus charger available on and eBay. We recommend the "white top" EBL batteries, not the "yellow top" protected version. The gamepad takes any kind of standard 9v rectangular battery, either rechargeable or disposable work fine.


The plastic parts included in Complete kits are 3D printed. The 3D printing process naturally results in a textured, layered surface that is not smooth. There may be minor imperfections such as threads of plastic or small drips. These will not impact the usability of the product.

NOTE: This product has a flat shipping rate of $19.

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