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fischertechnik ROBO Pro Software for Windows
fischertechnik ROBO Pro Software for Windows
Our Price: $36.00

Easy to use programming software. Even beginners can quickly begin programming through the use of simple flow charts consisting of various software building blocks.
fischertechnik Pneumatic Power
fischertechnik Pneumatic Power
Our Price: $61.00

fischertechnik Pneumatic Power takes a learning-by-playing approach to the principles of pneumatics. This set includes realistic models to show how pneumatic valves and cylinders work. With 200 sturdy fischertechnik parts, young learners can construct an excavator and four other models - an included activity information and instruction manual shows them how! This set is a great way to inspire learning through play.

fischertechnik Pneumatic Power takes playing to a new level by integrating key pneumatic principles. Demonstrating how STEM learning can be fun, this set allows builders to construct five different pneumatic models.

Watch as air is pumped manually into an air chamber. Pressing the hand valves then conveys the compressed air through the hoses into the pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatics focuses on generating motion and accomplishing mechanical projects with air. Any pneumatic system consists of five subsystems, including:

  • Generating compressed air
  • Storing compressed air
  • Conditioning and filtering compressed air
  • Distributing compressed air
  • Generating and controlling motion

Learn more about this technology and how it is used by building one of the five models included in this set. Learning doesn't have to be boring. Shake it up with fischertechnik's versatile building sets!

fischertechnik Energy Set 120V
fischertechnik Energy Set 120V
Our Price: $65.00

Power unit with infinitely variable control unit. Plug in Class-2 Transformer.
Bristlebot Classroom 25 Pack (classroom set)
Bristlebot Classroom 25 Pack (classroom set)
Our Price: $80.00

A Bristlebot is a small robot made by combining a toothbrush head and a vibrating pager motor.

The vibrations from the motor travel down the bristles and cause the brush to move and spin on flat surfaces. Build a Bristlebot in your home or classroom to teach basic engineering, motors, circuits, and physics concepts (i.e. balance principles).

Adjust different parts by bending, twisting, and angling the chenille stems into different positions and see how it affects the movement and direction of your Bristlebot.

Build time: 3 to 10 minutes Suitable for ages 5+ This kit comes with everything you need to build 25 Bristlebots! Parts Included: 25 pre-cut toothbrush heads 25 double-sided tape cubes 25 vibration motors 25 batteries 50 googley eyes 50 pipe cleaners.

Note: This item ships with a flat rate of $10.
fischertechnik Cars & Drives
fischertechnik Cars & Drives
Our Price: $84.00

fischertechnik Cars and Drives provides a glimpse into how different types of drive systems work. With this set, future engineers can build up to 8 different models. Learn the difference between a friction drive and a rubber-band drive. Discover how a balloon drive and a bending rod drive help propel your model. Or, explore the complexities of wind as it is harnessed to drive models forward. It's all in the Cars and Drives set!

For additional remote control functionality, combine the included off-road vehicle equipped with functioning steering and suspension with the Motor Set XM and Control Set.

The fischertechnik Cars and Drives set includes a instructional activity and a friction motor to help you build up to 8 different drive models. It is ideally combined with the Motor Set XM, Control Set, Sound + Lights and Accu Set for added capabilities.

This set helps user understand how different drive systems work with hands-on models. What better way to combine fun and learning than building your own buggy? Check out which drive systems you can assemble!

Wind Drive
This model demonstrates how wind can be used for propulsion. Build this sail buggy as described in your assembly instructions. Watch as the wind hits the surface of the sail and propels the sail buggy forward. Experiment with moving the position of the sail and see how your model reacts!

Balloon Drive
Discover how you can drive this model using air molecules. Using a balloon, you can watch as air is released and pushes the model forward - producing the same reactive force that launches rockets into outer space.

Bending Rod Drive
This model uses the same drive motion uses in ancient times with bow and arrows or stones. This mechanical energy relies on tension, which is provided by the bending rod. After construction of the model is complete, pull it backward to establish proper and tension and then release it to watch it move forward.

Rubber Band Motor
The Rubber Band Motor is similar to the previous model in that it also relies on tension. Instead of the rod establishing tension, the rubber band is used to establish a force to drive the model.

Pullback Motor (Trike & Buggy)
This model can be built in two different ways - though it still requires the use of the pullback motor. The pullback motor consists of a gear, wound-up springs, shafts and housing over top of it. The spring is permanently connected to the housing and to a shaft over the gear. It is tensioned in the same way as winding a clock. This drive works by transferring the stored energy in the spring to the gears and then on to the wheels. Simply pull the model backward (as the name suggests) and release it to move the model(s) forward.

Vehicle with Steering
This vehicle introduces axle pivot steering to your drive models! Learn how steering works as you build your model. A double trapezoid layout allows the car to drive through curves. This element consists of an axle, a tie rod and two steering arms. Watch as you turn the steering wheel in a specific direction and the wheels follow suit.

Offroad Vehicle with Steering and Spring Suspension
Build on what you learned from the steering model, this vehicle adds a spring suspension system. Learn why this system is so important for offroad vehicles as you discover how suspension allows the wheels of this model to follow irregularities in the road. This increases passenger comfort as well as driving safety.

Offroad Vehicle with Pullback Motor
This model is the culmination of what you've learned so far using the Cars and Drives set. Use the instructions to install a pullback motor in your offroad vehicle with steering and suspension functions. This will help you test the directional stability of your model and experiment with arresting your steering capabilities. Track improvements as you tighten and/or loosen the axles. (For additional functionality, this model can also be combined with a remote control)

fischertechnik Accu Set 110V
fischertechnik Accu Set 110V
Our Price: $86.00

Battery charger with microcontroller for reliable protection from overcharge. Very short recharging time, max 2 hours.
IQ KEY 600 Robotic STEM Kit
IQ KEY 600 Robotic STEM Kit
Our Price: $89.00

The Perfect 600 comes with plans to build twenty different machines. Stimulate right brain creativity by encouraging your students to design and build machines of their own! Use the Perfect 600 to identify different simple machines that are working together to transfer and transform energy while having fun! When using the Perfect 600, students will learn about engineering and its applications. Design, build, and refine a device that uses energy, observe energy demonstrations and learn about energy conversion, circuits and using machines and energy for problem solving. The IQ Key Perfect 600 can be used to teach with Common Core, National Next Generation Science Standards, it also encourages STEM education. CE certified.

Requires 2 x AA batteries, not included.

Comes with a Teacher's Guide that encourages critical thinking and problem solving in combining science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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PicoBot BristleBot Bunny Pack of 25
PicoBot BristleBot Bunny Pack of 25
Our Price: $100.00

  • Camps, scout troops, homeschool, libraries, after-school, STEM/STEAM groups, birthday party, and classroom activities.
  • Toys for boys and girls for 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year old
  • Race or battle them against each other!
  • Comes with everything you need to build 25 complete Bunny Bristlebots
A PicoBot is a small robot inspired by BristleBots, which are made by combining a toothbrush head and a vibrating motor. The vibrations from the motor cause the PicoBot to move and spin on flat surfaces. Build a PicoBot in your home or classroom to teach basic engineering, motors, circuits, and physics concepts (i.e. balance principles). Adjust different parts by bending, twisting, and angling the chenille stems into different positions and see how it affects the movement and direction of your PicoBot. Build time: 3 to 10 minutes Suitable for ages 5+ This kit comes with everything you need to build 25 PicoBots! Parts Included: 25 3D-printed PicoBot bodies, 25 vibration motors, 25 batteries, 50 googley eyes, 50 pipe cleaners.

Note: This item has a flat shipping of $9.

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fischertechnik Mechanic + Static 2.0
fischertechnik Mechanic + Static 2.0
Our Price: $122.00

fischertechnik Mechanic and Static 2 is the definitive technical construction set for future engineers and technicians. This comprehensive set explores how a shaft drive and/or manual transmission work; demonstrates the function of a planetary gear; and allows you to design a stable bridge. fischertechnik encourages young builders to learn a range of basic mechanical concepts, while assembling over 30 versatile models.

Discover the principles of technology through play! The fischertechnik Mechanic and Static 2 set provides access to the fischertechnik eLearning portal, which contains exciting, instructional activity information, videos and tutorials. With 500 fischertechnik parts, young builders can construct one of 30 different models as they explore mechanics and statics concepts.

Some of the models include:

  • Tractor model (examples of different transmissions)
  • Bridge model
  • Planetary Gear model
  • and many more!

Follow the detailed, step-by-step instructions to complete each model. Like many fischertechnik sets, young engineers are also encouraged to use what they've learned from the models to create their own designs. Use the 500 fischertechnik parts to design something new!

Best for ages 9+.

fischertechnik Super Fun Park
fischertechnik Super Fun Park
Our Price: $125.00

fischertechnik Super Fun Park is a complete construction set, designed to allow you to create your very own amusement park. As an advanced set with 660 fischertechnik parts, this collection of models helps young builders learn more about the fischertechnik building system and expand on their knowledge of simple machines. Build your own motorized ferris wheel, swing carousel and/or a twirling ride! These three models create a real fair atmosphere that inspires learning and engages play.

Learn to build, play and create with the Super Fun Park. Follow the detailed instructions to construct these three models:
  • Ferris wheel
  • Swing carousel
  • Twirling ride

These bright, fun models are simple enough for younger children, but also keep more experienced builders engaged with so many pieces and functionalities - adding a level of complexity. The ferris wheel model measures a diameter of over 50 cm (almost 20 inches) and is equipped with six gondolas - perfect for creating your own fair environment!

As an advanced fischertechnik set with 660 parts, the Super Fun Park set is great for young builders interested in learning how simple machines work. This set comes with an XS motor and batter tray for 9V block, battery not included.