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Comparison Thermometer
Comparison Thermometer
Our Price: $3.99

This easy-to-read thermometer allows you to compare the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Temperature range: -10°F to 120°F and -20°C to 50°C. more info
Wall Thermometer 15"
Wall Thermometer 15"
Our Price: $5.99

Suitable for everyday use for indoors or outdoors in the garden.  This thermometer displays in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales and has a temperature range of -40ºC to 50ºC (-40ºF to 122ºF). more info
Pack of 10 Multipurpose Thermometers
Pack of 10 Multipurpose Thermometers
Our Price: $12.95

Easy to carry multi-purpose classroom thermometer marked in both Celsius
and Fahrenheit scales.  Large, easy-to-read markings ranging from -20ºC
to 50ºC and 0ºF to 120ºF.  White polystyrene backing.
more info
Mini Fitzroy Storm Glass
Mini Fitzroy Storm Glass
Our Price: $14.95

This storm glass is the same size and shape as a 6" Galileo Thermometer.

6" Tall

The storm glass was popularized by Admiral Robert Fitzroy after his historic voyage on the HMS Beagle.

How the Storm Glass works is still a mystery, and in fact it likely does not predict the weather. But it does react to weather changes, mostly from temperature and makes gorgeous crystal patterns with those changes.
This is a gorgeous decorative gift idea for the adult who has everything or someone who finds meteorology fascinating.

How to "read":
A: Clear Liquid
Bright and clear weather
B: Cloudy Liquid
Sometimes with small stars and crystals at the top. Cloudy weather and often predicts thunderstorms and rain.
C: Small Stars in Liquid
Humid or foggy weather
D: Large Flaky Crystals
Cloudy skies, snow in winter.
E: Threads of Crystals At The Top
Winy Weather
F: Crystals At The Bottom,
Frost may be coming.
more info
Jumbo Classroom Thermometer 36" Tall
Jumbo Classroom Thermometer 36" Tall
Our Price: $39.95

Student thermometer with Celsius scale, ranging from -30ºC to 60ºC.  Dimensions are 36¾"h x 7½"w x ½"d. more info