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fischertechnik ROBO Pro Software for Windows
Our Price: $36.00

Easy to use programming software. Even beginners can quickly begin programming through the use of simple flow charts consisting of various software building blocks.
fischertechnik Energy Set 120V
Our Price: $72.00

Power unit with infinitely variable control unit. Plug in Class-2 Transformer.
fischertechnik Accu Set 110V
Our Price: $86.00

Battery charger with microcontroller for reliable protection from overcharge. Very short recharging time, max 2 hours.
IQ KEY 600 Robotic STEM Kit
Our Price: $89.00

The Perfect 600 comes with plans to build twenty different machines. Stimulate right brain creativity by encouraging your students to design and build machines of their own! Use the Perfect 600 to identify different simple machines that are working together to transfer and transform energy while having fun! When using the Perfect 600, students will learn about engineering and its applications. Design, build, and refine a device that uses energy, observe energy demonstrations and learn about energy conversion, circuits and using machines and energy for problem solving. The IQ Key Perfect 600 can be used to teach with Common Core, National Next Generation Science Standards, it also encourages STEM education. CE certified.

Requires 2 x AA batteries, not included.

Comes with a Teacher's Guide that encourages critical thinking and problem solving in combining science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Bristlebot Classroom 25 Pack (classroom set)
Our Price: $100.00

A Bristlebot is a small robot made by combining a toothbrush head and a vibrating pager motor.

The vibrations from the motor travel down the bristles and cause the brush to move and spin on flat surfaces. Build a Bristlebot in your home or classroom to teach basic engineering, motors, circuits, and physics concepts (i.e. balance principles).

Adjust different parts by bending, twisting, and angling the chenille stems into different positions and see how it affects the movement and direction of your Bristlebot.

Build time: 3 to 10 minutes Suitable for ages 5+ This kit comes with everything you need to build 25 Bristlebots! Parts Included: 25 pre-cut toothbrush heads 25 double-sided tape cubes 25 vibration motors 25 batteries 50 googley eyes 50 pipe cleaners.

Note: This item ships with a flat rate of $10.
fischertechnik Tractor Set IR Control
Our Price: $190.00

Complete set with proportional 4-channel infrared remote control, servo-steering, powerful gear motor and battery tray. Over 540 parts allow construction of a tractor with 7 working attachments. The rotary mower, double rotary windrower and hay turner are driven by a rotating power take-off. A harrow, two-way plow, cable winch and pusher plate offer further features for more fun. The speed of the gear motor, the angle of the servo-steering and two additional motors (not included) are all designed for infinite control. Incl. play figure! Including IR remote control, receiver, servo-steering, gear motor and battery tray for 9V block (Batteries NOT included.

fischertechnik LT Beginner Set - USB Powered
Our Price: $210.00

The ROBO LT Beginner Lab is the perfect way to introduce grade school students (age 8 and above) to the exciting world of robotics and programming.

Set contains 200 components -- including sensors (phototransistor, push-button switch), and actuators (XS motor, indicator lights) --for building 8 easy to understand models, such as a lighthouse with a blinking light, a merry-go-round, and an automatic sliding door.
fischertechnik ROBO TX Automation Robots
Our Price: $260.00

Learn About TRUE Industrial Robotics

This set provides you with instructions and materials for building four reality-based and fully functional industrial simulation robots, including a high-rack storage robot, 3-axis robot and 2 other grappler robots. Stable and sturdy fischertechnik aluminum channels are used in all models.
fischertechnic ROBO TX Electro-Pnuematic
Our Price: $260.00

The subjects of electro-pneumatics and vacuum technology are demonstrated clearly with the aid of fascinating models such as the pneumatic motor, color sorting robot for colored parts, ball obstacle course and pinball machine. The new, powerful and compact compressor guarantees a reliable supply of compressed air to the models. The electro-magnetic valves included allow remote control of the models with a PC.
Mimsy Mini Robotics Lab with Bluetooth and Grip Arm
Our Price: $319.00

Students may assemble Mimsy in a single CLASS period and use either pre-programmed experiments or write their own programs using the free Arduino IDE. Programming and wireless control of Mimsy can be accomplished using Mac, PC, iPad, or Android devices