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Orion Saturn Map
Orion Saturn Map
Our Price: $7.99

Saturn is one of the most exciting objects to observe with a telescope
and astronomy binoculars. Many experienced amateur astronomers will tell
you their first telescopic view of Saturn and its magnificent ring
system is what got them "hooked" on the hobby of stargazing. The gas
giant planet and its striking rings make an ideal target for both
beginners and seasoned amateurs.
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Orion Mars Map
Orion Mars Map
Our Price: $7.99

Explore our next-door neighbor planet Mars like never before with the
Orion Mars Map & Observing Guide. This detailed map will help you
locate and identify intriguing Martian features, and it will also help
you learn interesting facts about the red planet.
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Night Sky A Field Guide to the Constellations
Night Sky A Field Guide to the Constellations
Our Price: $14.95

  • Organized for easy finding and viewing
  • Includes small red LED light for reading the book and for preserving your night vision when you are out observing
  • Each constellation entry is filled with facts and history
  • Great for kids and adults.
  • Author - Jonathon Poppele

Few activities are more peaceful and inspiring than stargazing. And certainly nothing beats camping and stargazing at the same time. With that in mind, Jonathan Poppele has written this incomparable field guide to the night sky. Constellations in the book are organized by degree of locating difficulty, and each entry features history, fascinating details and simple instructions for locating and identifying the constellation. Pick up this book, and learn to enjoy the nightlife! Includes a small red LED light so you can peruse the book outside at night without ruining your night vision. Paperback. 320 pages.

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Telescope Observer's Guide
Telescope Observer's Guide
Our Price: $19.99

Author Richard J. Bartlett leads you on a detailed tour of the night sky
as he describes over 60 fascinating astronomical objects that can
easily be seen with a small telescope. This book will guide you to
amazing cosmic phenomena including planetary, emission and reflection
nebulas; double and multiple stars; open and globular star clusters, the
Andromeda Galaxy, and more. With a full page of information dedicated
to each interesting object, the Orion Telescope Observer's Guide will
not only help you find and observe these objects, but it also describes
what you're seeing so you can appreciate your stargazing experiences to
the fullest. A map and finder scope view of each object is included, as
are depictions of what you can expect to see in the telescope eyepiece.
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