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Set of 100 Prepared Slides -Variety Set
Set of 100 Prepared Slides -Variety Set

Set of 100 Prepared Slides -Variety Set
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This advanced slide set offers 100 prepared slides generally used for AP Biology and College level courses. Each glass slide is 1" x 3" (25 x 76mm) depicting a clear and accurate specimen. Perpendicular slots with numerical indication and a listing of each slide is provided. This set is secured in a wooden box with interior padding and metal latch to close. Measures: 8.75 length x 7.5width x 1.25" height.

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1) Three types of Bacteria
2) Penicillium, W.M.
3) Aspergillus, W.M.
4) Rhizopus, W.M.
5) Actinomyces, W.M.
6) Chlamydomonas, W.M.
7) Diatoms, W.M.
8) Closterium, Sp W.M.
9) Spirogation, W.M.
10) Spirogyra W.M.
11) Lichenrons Ox, Sec
12) Fern Leaf, Sec.
13) Fern Prothallium, W.M.
14) Leaf of Winter Jasmine
15) Eloden Stem, C.S.
16) Eloden Leaf, C.S.
17) Pine Leaf, C.S.
18) Pinus Male Strobile, L.S.
19) Pinus Female Strobile, L.S.
20) Rubber Leaf, C.S.
21) Corn Root Tip, L.S.
22) Vicia Faba Young Root, C.S.
23) Corn Stem, C.S.
24) Corn Stem, L.S.
25) Cucurbita Stem, C.S.
26) Cucurbita Stem, L.S.
27) Helianthus Stem, C.S.
28) Moss Antheridia, L.S.
29) Moss Archegonia, L.S.
30) Moss Protonemata, W.M.
31) Basswood Stem C.S.
32) Basswood Stem, L.S.
33) Pelargonium, L.S.
34) Vicia Dicot Leaf, W.M.
35) Pollen Germination, W.M.
36) Pollen, W.M.
37) Tomato Fruit, Sec
38) Cymbidium Aerial Root, C.S.
39) Mitosis Onion Root Tip Cells
40) Corn Seed With Endosperm, L.S.
41) Plasmodesma Sec.
42) Lily Ovary,C.S.
43) Lily Anther, C.S.
44) Lily Leaf, C.S.
45) Capsella Old Embryo Sec.
46) Capsella Young Embryo Sec.
47) Allium Seed Epidermis, W.M.
48) Euglena, W.M.
49) Paramecium W.M.
50) Hydra, W.M.
51) Hydra, L.S.
52) Planaria, C.S.
53) Schistosoma Male, W.M.
54) Schistosoma Female, W.M.
55) Ascaris Egg, W.M.
56) Earthworm, W.M.
57) Snake Skin, W.M.
58) Daphni Sp, W.M.
59) Rotifer, W.M.
60) Mosquito Female Mouth Parts, W.M.
61) Honey Bee Mouth Parts, W.M.
62) Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M.
63) Butterfly Mouth Parts, W.M.
64) House Fly Mouth Parts, W.M.
65) Grasshopper Mouth Parts, W.M.
66) Ant, W.M.
67) Fish Scale, W.M.
68) Planaria, C.S.
69) Grasshopper Trachea, W.M.
70) Clam Gill, C.S.
71) Human Blood, Smear
72) Fish Blood, Smear
73) Ciliated Epithelium-Frog, W.M.
74) Simple Flat Epthelium-Toad, W.M.
75) Stratified Flat Epithelium-Dog, W.M.
76) Mitosis Horse Ascaris Eggs
77) Small Intestine, C.S
78) Dense Bone, Sec.
79) Tendon-Dog, Sec.
80) Loose Connective Tissue, W.M
81) Skeletal Muscle L.S-Dog C.S.
82) Cardiac Muscle-Dog, Sec.
83) Spinal Cord, C.S.
84) Motor Neurous, C.S.
85) Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation-Frog, W.M.
86) Lungs-Dog, Sec.
87) Stomach-Dog or Rabbit, Sec.
88) Liver, Dog or Rabbit,Sec.
89) Lymph Node-Rabbit, Sec.
90) Lung With Blood Vessels Injected-Rat, Sec.
91) Kidney With Blood Vessels Injected-Rat, Sec.
92) Kidney-Rat, Sec.
93) Testis-Rabbit Sec.
94) Ovary-Cat, Sec.
95) Human Squamous Epithelium, Smear
96) DNA & RNA
97) Pancreas Gland, Rabbit Sec.
98) Frog Egg, Sec.
99) Human Chromosome (Male)
100)Human Chromosome (Female)

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