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Digital Geiger Counter with Wand GCA-07W
Digital Geiger Counter with Wand GCA-07W

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Digital Geiger Counter with Wand
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Digital Geiger Counter w/Wand

Radiation Detected

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Rays.


Geiger-Muller Tube: Ne + Halogen filled with a .38" effective diameter 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2 mica end window.

Detector Sensitivity
  • Alpha above 3.0 MeV
  • Beta above 50KeV
  • Gamma above 7 KeV
Countable Pulse Resolution & Range
  • 1 Count Per Minute (CPM) - 5000 Counts Per Second (CPS)
Radiation Resolution & Range
  • 1.0 uR/hr - 1000 mR/hr
  • 0.01 uSv/hr - 10.0 mSv/hr

    Survey Meter Mode

    The digital Geiger counter takes real time radiation readings and displays the Counts Per Second (CPS) and equivalent radiation level in either Imperial mR/hr or Metric mSv/hr. The CPS data is updated every one second interval while the equivalent radiation level readings are a three second averaging of the last three CPS readings. CPS readings will fluctuate second by second, because it displays the actual number of radioactive particles detected in comparison to analog meter counters that average radioactivity levels.

    Background Radiation Monitor Mode

    The digital Geiger counters can be set to take Counts Per Minute (CPM) readings. Displays accumulated count and equivalent background radiation in either uR/hr or uSv/hr.

    Low Battery Indicator

    When battery voltage drops below 7 volts low battery indicator lights to inform user to change battery.


    Our Digital Geiger counters are factory calibrated using CS-137 Gamma source and are NRC certified ready (optional). They provide both a high accuracy count (CPS/CPM) and equivalent radiation level on the LCD display.

    All Digital Geiger counters includes free windows pulse counting and radiation graphing program. PC graphing program can import and export data.

    Suitable for educational institutions as well as industry.

    • Education - Classroom demonstrations and experiments
    • Emergency Services and Domestic Preparedness
    • HAZMAT and Compliance Verification
    • Dirty Bomb Screening and EMT's

    Digital Geiger Counters may be set to output raw pulse data, or count data via serial communication. Mode is set with jumper.

    LCD Display

    High contrast 16 character by 2 line LCD (liquid crystal display) with back light provides easy to read output.

    Secondary indicators:

    Audio (clicks) and visual (LED) included. Also includes a headphone jack and power jack for external power.

    USB-TTL serial interface cable included.

    Power: 9 volt battery Or AC Adapter for extended operation

    Case Size: 7.5" x 4.1" x 1.2"
  • NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: This item has a flat rate shipping of $10 per Geiger counter within the USA. For shipping internationally please contact us for details
  • Note about availability: This product must often be built on demand. At times there are units on shelf that may ship quickly but it may require 3-5 days before the product will ship. During times of radiation concerns (i.e. Fukashima) there may be considerable delays in the production time due to heavy demand. Please contact us for details if shipping time is of concern.

    Further Note: Due to incidents of fraudulent orders, the billing address and shipping address must match in orders placed or they will be cancelled. Orders shipped that have address location changes made during transport will be cancelled and returned.

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