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Periodic Table of the Elements Poster 36" x 24"
Our Price: $13.99

The Periodic Table of the Elements Chart is 36" x 24".
A colorful, easy-to-read chart of the elements that makes the science of atomic structures interesting.
The Atom
Our Price: $13.99

This 36" x 24" poster is a detailed map of the Atom. Standard orbits are shown, as well as specific examples of the atomic structure of selected elements (Li, C, He, H)
NASA Solar System Poster
Our Price: $13.99

Gorgeous color poster showing the eight major planets of our solar system, plus our own Moon. Images are taken from various famous NASA probes and missions. Poster is 24" x 26". Paper.
Milestones of Evolution-Laminated
Our Price: $14.95

This exciting new poster provides a comprehensive overview of vertebrate evolution in accordance with the new cladistics system, which it introduces. The most important evolved characteristics are shown and explained as the "Milestones of Vertebrate Evolution.
Animal Kingdom -Laminated
Our Price: $14.95

Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom posters were published in 2004 and their primary purpose was to provide an introduction to the various living species in accordance with the classification system introduced by Carl Linnaeus in 1735, which grouped species by phyla, orders and families.

That system has since become obsolete due to the widespread adoption of the new Cladistics classification system, which is based on the development of physical characteristics and arranges organisms by their order of branching in an evolutionary tree.
Mammals - Laminated
Our Price: $14.95

This is a very attractive poster that will be cherished by animal lovers, but itâ™s also an extremely useful educational tool, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the subject. It is divided into three sections, one for each type of mammal: the egg-laying monotremes, the pouched marsupials and the familiar placental mammals.
Dinosaur Evolution -Laminated
Our Price: $14.95

Paleontologists are rewriting the rules of animal classification.  The traditional system introduced by Carl Linnaeus has been largely discarded in favor of the cladistic system that shows how species evolved over millions of years.
Eras of Life -Laminated
Our Price: $14.95

This geological time chart shows life as it is existed on land and in the seas in each era.

Names of systems and stages with an approximate time scale: For each system landscape scenes show predominating organisms in both marine and terrestrial environments:Lists of first-occurrence organism groups and lists of extinct organism groups

Also contains: (1) Paleogeographic globes for each system that show plate tectonic positions of continents and oceans; (2) Representative genera of important index fossil groups in each system; and (3) interesting aspects of life, such as phylogenetic trees of cellular organisms, plants and animals, the genetic code, weight of the moon and brain mass of a stegosaur.
Introduction To Fossils - Laminated
Our Price: $14.95

This poster begins by explaining what fossils are and how a few pioneering scientists eventually realized that they were the remains or traces of once-living organisms. Many people think fossils are petrified bones but bone-type fossils are actually rocks.
Introduction to Rocks - Laminated
Our Price: $14.95

The Earth is made of rocks and this poster provides a comprehensive overview of what they are and how they are formed. It begins by explaining that rocks are made of minerals and that each type of rock is the result of a specific mixture of minerals subjected to a clearly defined geological process.