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Jumbo Glitter Poppin' Hoppers
Our Price: $1.00

Flip these flexible Hoppers inside-out and place them on a hard surface. Stand back and watch them POP into the air! Colors vary.
Our Price: $2.49

  • The Original SuperBall!
  • Bounces up to 75 Feet!
  • 50,000 lbs of compressed energy!

Bounce and catch it with friends. Bounce Superball off any hard surface and see how high you can bounce it! For ages 5+.
U Fidget
Our Price: $2.49

Any way you flip it or fold it, have jours of mind bending puzzle fun. Set includes twenty-one colorful 2" hinged triangles.

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Spin Bug
Our Price: $2.49

Use friction action to make these tough bugs zoom forwards and backwards. Spin them upside-down like a top for a game of bumpin' bugs. MEasures 2" across, 3 different colors

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Tornado Tube
Our Price: $2.99

Since its introduction in 1987, the Tornado Tube has become one of the world's most popular soda bottle toys! Use the Tornado Tube to connect two plastic soda bottles like an hourglass, but use water instead of sand. Simply swirl the liquid in the bottles and in seconds a twisting, turning, spiraling vortex appears.
Mini Aqua Arcade Games
Our Price: $2.99

Add water and push the buttons to try and score. Measures 3-1/2" tall.
Space Sand
Our Price: $3.00

See the sensation that has been featured in countless media including
Family Fun Magazine, and the Regis and Kelly Show. This amazing sand
will not get wet: dump it in a glass of water, remove it with a spoon,
and it will emerge completely dry! This sand is actually the closest
thing to sand on Mars, and it is used in NASA Mars Exploration Classroom
experiments. Space Sand comes in many colors and is completely
Mystical Tree
Our Price: $3.00

This amazing tree grows like magic! Place the tree in the included liquid and watch as crystals grow out of the branches! Fully grown in 5-6 hours!. Great fun with simple crystal growth.

Mutliple colors, sorry no color choice available.

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4 pc Colored Finger Lights
Our Price: $3.49

Pack of 4 Finger Lights. Each light straps to your finger with an elasticstrap.
Magic Sand with Molds
Our Price: $3.49

Comfortable, moldable sand and six plastic molds.

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