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Master Set of Human Reproduction set of 9 models
Master Set of Human Reproduction set of 9 models

Master Set of Human Reproduction set of 9 models
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Full-color models clarify the functions of male and female reproductive systems. This master set includes all nine Human Reproductive System Model Activity Sets: Menstrual Cycle, Male Reproductive System, Female Reproductive System, Meiosis, Mitosis, Cell to Embryo, Four-Month Fetus, Full-term Fetus, and Birth Model.

Each model activity set consists of a markable model of durable vinyl and an activity guide which includes background information, basic understandings, activities, a glossary, and a key to model structures. Also included are color transparencies and a black line master in a three ring binder. Each model measure 24” W X 18” H.

Menstrual Cycle Model Activity Set illustrates the menstrual cycle, depicting the four states of the average 28-day cycle. Two magnified ovaries show ovum development.

Male Reproductive System Model Activity Set discusses topics such as prostate cancer, vasectomies, and sterility with this colorful model. It depicts all the male reproductive organs in relationship to one another as well as a greatly magnified sectioned sperm.

Female Reproductive System Model Activity Set details lateral relief section of the lower female torso to show partially sectioned organs and a magnified, cross-sectioned ovum. Model illustrates the internal body structure and is useful as a graphic aid in discussion women’s health issues and pregnancy.

Meiosis Model Activity Set explains individual human characteristics and genetic differences with this 3-D model. Visualization and understanding of meiotic cell division, as it relates to the transmission of specific traits from each parent are promoted through enlarged view of chromosomes, cytoplasm, chromatic and polar bodies.

Mitosis Model Activity Set illustrates somatic cell division with this informative model. Enlarged view details the five phases of mitosis. Many structures are easily identified, including cytoplasm nucleus, nucleolus, chromatic threads, centrioles, aster, spindle, chromosomes and centromere.

Cell to Embryo Model Activity Set discusses the development of the egg from fertilization to a 35 day old embryo. The enhanced 3-D illustrates the ovum, ovulation, fertilization, initial cell division, and implantation.

Four-Month Fetus Model Activity Set is a realistic life size model of the embryo/fetus at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 weeks. These are sequenced next to the 16 week fetus with a model of the womb. Because this model illustrates the size, physical features, and position of the embryo/fetus, it can be used as a graphic instruction aid for reproduction topics.

Full-Term Fetus Model Activity Set indicates a healthy full-term fetus and can be discussed with the aid of this anatomical model. Illustrated in graphic detail is a life-size fetus in normal pre-birth position. Study is enhanced through use of a removable transparent covering depicting the amnion and a magnified inset of the placental wall and umbilical cord.

Birth Model Activity Set depicts the mystery of birth with illustrations of a normal fetal birth position. The placenta, umbilical cord, cervix, and vagina are clearly visible, as are the "doctor's hands" that assist delivery of the baby.

Grades 5-12
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