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Maine Woodsman Weather Stick
Our Price: $7.99

“They Really Work”

Our Woodsman’s Weather sticks have been predicting the weather, delighting their owners, and amazing new acquaintances all around the world for over ten years. Long before that the Abanaki Indians probably used them as hostess gifts when they went to dinner in neighboring wigwams! Hang on an outside wall or door casing exposed to the weather, stick bends down to foretell foul weather up for fair (unless you’ve hung it upside down – the hole goes on top)! approximately 12″ – 16″ long. Each stick comes packaged with story of weather stick and simple instructions.

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Glass Barometer
Our Price: $19.95

A fascinating and beautiful way to predict how the weather changes. Fill the bulb of the glass barometer with water using the included syringe (use food dye to color the water) .The water in the stem will rise and fall with the air pressure, giving you a nifty . Attractive to look at, it is also functional: when the barometric pressure us high, the liquid is pushed down the stem. When pressure drops the liquid in the stem rises and it could mean stormy weather!

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Crystal Storm Glass 5"
Our Price: $19.99

We can legitmately say we are selling this nifty weather predicting product that does not work!

OK, that's not fair. It certainly does things in response to weather cindtions, but not to the extent that you can use it to reliably predict the weather.

Storm Glasses are glass containers (this one is tear-drop shaped) with liquid and a crystal solution contained inside. In theory, when the pressure and temperature changes the crystals undergo crystalization and decrystalization inside the glass. The liquid cloud, the crystals can fiull the solution, threads of crystals form, flakey crystals form, and so. These changes are supposed to conform to future weather patterns. But it while it gorgeous to look at it simply does not predict the weather, at least not in a reliable way. In the 19th century these glasses were expected to let ships predict storms. But that probably wasn't a good idea.

Still it is a nifty conversation piece or desktop art. Get yours today!

Glass is 5" tall and 2-1/2" in diameter at its widest point.

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