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Comparison Thermometer
Our Price: $3.99

This easy-to-read thermometer allows you to compare the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Temperature range: -10°F to 120°F and -20°C to 50°C.
Wall Thermometer 15"
Our Price: $5.99

Suitable for everyday use for indoors or outdoors in the garden.  This thermometer displays in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales and has a temperature range of -40ºC to 50ºC (-40ºF to 122ºF).
Wall Hygrometer
Our Price: $8.99

This hygrometer makes it easy to read the relative humidity in the atmosphere.  0% to 100% humidity can be easily read on the face of the hygrometer.
Wall Mounting Hygrometer w/ Temperature
Our Price: $8.99

This instrument can be wall mounted inside or outside for easy readings when determining air humidity.
Mason Hygrometer
Our Price: $9.99

A standard hygrometer using the wet bulb and dry bulb method to determine air humidity.  Two red liquid-filled thermometers are secured to the plastic scale plates.
Max-Min Dial Thermometer
Our Price: $9.99

This maximum/minimum thermometer records the present, highest and lowest temperatures using three pointers.  It has manual reset and can rest on a desk or be mounted to the wall.
Kleer Temp
Our Price: $10.99

The innovative Kleer Temp thermometer is easy to attach, accurate, and has  
large easy-to-read numbers making it possible to see from across the room.
It adheres firmly to windows or glass doors using electro-static technology making it easy to remove and reposition.
Sling Psychrometer Kit
Our Price: $11.99

Measure relative humidity with this simple sling psychrometer. Consists of wet and dry bulbs and Celsius thermometers that rotate on a plastic handle.
12" Round Thermometer
Our Price: $12.95

Great for indoors or outdoors, this large-display thermometer with 12" diameter is ideal for classrooms.  The large numbers let you read temperatures from a distance.
Pack of 10 Multipurpose Thermometers
Our Price: $12.95

Easy to carry multi-purpose classroom thermometer marked in both Celsius
and Fahrenheit scales.  Large, easy-to-read markings ranging from -20ºC
to 50ºC and 0ºF to 120ºF.  White polystyrene backing.