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Zometool Crazy Bubbles
Our Price: $15.00

Square bubbles? That’s nothing; try cubic bubbles. Or spiral ones. Tons of fun for the whole family!
Jumbo 6" Rainbow Plastic Coil Spring
Our Price: $15.95

Huge 6" Diameter rainbow colored plastic coil spring. The classic fun with an oversize twist! Comes in a net bag.
Smithsonian Prehistoric Sea Monsters (Triops)
Our Price: $15.99

Triops are animals that originated in the age of the dinosaurs, 220 million years ago. They lay their eggs in pools of water that dry up during the non-rainy seasons. The eggs remain in a state of suspended animation when dry. Put them in water and they will hatch and grow to 20X their original size! Kit includes aquarium, background, 1 bag of triops eggs, 1 bag of triops food, 1 bag of sand, color poster & instructions.
Smithsonian Glow in the Dark Volcano
Our Price: $15.99

Build and erupt a 14" Volcano with Glow in the Dark Lava! Study the differences between 6 types of volcano. for ages 8+, includes 23" x 17" poster.
Sound Collector
Our Price: $15.99

Make your own Sound Collector that really works to amplify sounds around
you!  Listen in on that conversation across the room or birds singing
in the trees.  Uses a parabolic microphone, amplifier and a earphone to
capture distant sounds.
RC Cube
Our Price: $15.99

RC Cube is a build-it-yourself kit for making a simple radio controlled robot! Robot can be controlled wirelessly and can do stunts like a super tornado spin. Learn the concepts of motors, circuit boards, and electricity.
Electric Plane Launcher
Our Price: $16.00

Ready for take off! Kit contains everything you need to learn how spinning motors and plastic discs are used to launch a paper plane at up to 31 mph. (50km/h).
Super Sunprint Kit
Our Price: $16.00

Super Sunprint Kit - Science Toy A Spectrum Scientifics Best Seller!

Sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when exposed to light. Try this kit and watch an image emerge.
Tin Can Robot
Our Price: $16.00

Turn a metal soda can into this walking, wobbling, bug-eyed robot. It could be transformed to become a robotic monster too.
Walkie Talkie Set
Our Price: $16.00

These walkie-talkies are 4-1/2" (not including antenna) and feature volume control and Morse code. Range reaches up to 250 feet! Antenna is flexible.