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Science Toys

Unlock the secrets of the universe with the multitude of scientific toys from Spectrum Scientifics! Delve into the bizarre and fascinating world of chemistry, the vast and endless routes of astronomy, or the homegrown aspects of earth science. These puzzles, outdoor toys, optics, and electronics are not only fun for all ages, but establish the basis for a sound education. These make exceptional gifts for inquisitive students who are ready to take up the challenge of scientific exploration. Select from the above categories. Click on the category to view available options.
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Jumbo Glitter Poppin' Hoppers
Our Price: $1.00

Flip these flexible Hoppers inside-out and place them on a hard surface. Stand back and watch them POP into the air! Colors vary.
Polarizing Film - 2 pieces 1" Diameter
Our Price: $1.75

Polarizing film takes regular randomized polarizing light and lets only light with one polarizing orientation through. If you take two pieces of polarizing film and place them at 90° to each other they will block out all light.
Mystical Fire
Our Price: $1.99

Create magical fires of blue, green and red to your campfire, fire pit or fireplace. Small fire requires 1-2 packs, larger fires 3-5 packs. Can be used on indoor or outdoor fires. Do not cook over colored fires.
Sidewalk Spray Chalk
Our Price: $1.99

Just add water to the line, shake and spray. Experiment freestyle or on a stencil. Perfect for sidewalk art. Contains. 0.35 oz of powdered chalk. The less water, the more intense the color. Outdoor use only. Assorted colors.

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Mini Racers Pull Back Cars
Our Price: $1.99

Racer these tiny little cars! Pull back & go action with no batteries needed. Cars are die cast metal with plastic parts. Collect them all!

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Our Price: $2.49

  • The Original SuperBall!
  • Bounces up to 75 Feet!
  • 50,000 lbs of compressed energy!

Bounce and catch it with friends. Bounce Superball off any hard surface and see how high you can bounce it! For ages 5+.
U Fidget
Our Price: $2.49

Any way you flip it or fold it, have hours of mind bending puzzle fun. Set includes twenty-one colorful 2" hinged triangles.

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Mini Telescope
Our Price: $2.49

This 1-1/2" telescope extends to 2-1/2" and has 3x power.

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Our Price: $2.50

Place the Rattleback on a hard, smooth, level surface with the elliptical side down. Lightly tap one end and notice which direction it rotates.
Concave Mirror 5 cm Dia. x 5 cm Focal Length
Our Price: $2.50

Second surface concave mirror. 5 cm.