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Creepy Crawlies Slide Set
Our Price: $9.95

Magnify these creatures and see if they are still scary!

Includes 5 prepared slides: Earthworm, Planaria, Ant, Mosquito legs, Honeybee mouth. Includes cardboard storage box.
Extraordinary Ordinary Slide Set
Our Price: $9.95

Get an up close look at common everyday items!

Includes 5 prepared slides: Printed letter 'e', cork, Human hair Straight & curly, Tobacco, 3 color fibers. Inlcudes cardboard storage box.
Incredible Edible Plants Slides
Our Price: $9.95

See what makes up some of the food you eat!

Includes 5 prepared slides: Onion roots, Corn stem, Tomato leaf, Carrot root, Rice leaf. Cardboard storage box included.
Wicked Wings Slide Set
Our Price: $9.95

Compare wings of various insects and observe the variety of nature!

Includes 5 prepared slides: Bee wing, Butterfly wing, Fruit fly wing, House fly wing, Mosquito wing.

Cardboard storage box included.
Flower Power Slide Set
Our Price: $9.95

Brush up on your botany knowledge with these five slides from various parts of different flowers including sunflower, buttercup, and more.

Includes carry box.
Lily Pad Leap Slide Set
Our Price: $9.95

Skip the dissecting and use these five slides to examine different frog parts.

Includes storage box.
Fun Guys Slide Set
Our Price: $9.95

Five examples of various fungi, more commonly found than you might think!

Five slides plus storage box.
Blood & Guts Slide Set
Our Price: $12.95

5 prepared slides showing your insides. See what you are made of close up!

Includes 5 prepared slides: Human stomach, Human heart, Human blood, small mammal kidney, mammal brain.
Bug Blocks Set 1
Our Price: $13.95

A set of four bugs encased in acrylic blocks. Great specimens for stereo and inspection microscopes.
Bug Blocks Set 2
Our Price: $13.95

Set includes four real bugs encased in acrylic for viewing under stereo microscopes. Set includes: Cricket, Locust, Yellow Leaf Beetle, and Crab.