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Flip Car
Our Price: $3.49

Friction cars are awesome: Give them a push and the internal gearing
makes them go further than you would expect from such a push. But the
flip car takes it a step further with its big knobby tires and two-sided
body. It drives over obstacles, flips over and just keeps on going.
Solar Fossils
Our Price: $3.99

Fill the dinosaur mold with the clay and push it out. Then place the
molded clay in direct sunlight and watch it change its color! Each kit contains one mold and clay. Six different dino molds in all.
Glow-In-The-Dark 3D Dinosaurs
Our Price: $4.99

Create your own glow dinosaur diorama with the pop-up play scene provided. Or stick them on wall or ceiling.
White Ammonite Fossil 1"
Our Price: $4.99

This is s genuine natural Ammonite fossil approximately 180 million years old. The ammonite is an extinct cephalopod.
The Original Magic Rocks
Our Price: $4.99

Create a brilliant underwater garden. Instant crystal growing kit!  
Rocks grow to different heights up to 4 in. Container not provided.
Mini Crystal Growing
Our Price: $4.99

Just add some salt and food coloring from home and watch crystal grow right in front of you. It’s a fun kitchen science project!
ColorFlame Lighters Pack of 2
Our Price: $4.99

Flick the Colorflame lighter and watch as you get a ruby red or emerald
green flame! This set of two lighters (one red, one green) is
childproof, windproof, with electrical ignition and is refillable.
Paper Airplane Kit - 18 planes
Our Price: $4.99

18 sheets of colorful and highly detailed printed sheets of paper with a full set of easy-to-follow instructions to make 9 exciting designs of real flying model airplanes.
Trilobite Fossil in Matrix
Our Price: $5.75

Trilobites are hard-shelled, segmented orthopods that existed over 300
million years ago in the Earth's ancient seas. Trilobites are second in
fame only to the dinosaurs. They range in size from the smallest being
less than 1cm and the largest more than 70cm long. They lived in marine
waters but not all trilobites could swim, some trilobites actually
burrowed under the seas or crawled on the muddy sea floors.
Mathy Temporary Tattoos
Our Price: $5.99

Mathematics and Ink combine! Let your inner Newton, Pythagoras and euler out. make your own equations, display math puns, and math icons from this smart set.