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DNA Model
Our Price: $79.00

This pre-assembled DNA model is built to a scale of 10cm to 1nm and accurately depicts a 16 base pair section of DNA. The phosphatedeoxyribose backbone and the four bases are represented by custom plastic moldings that show the shapes of the molecules in scale and illustrate the bonding between them. The model is supported by a central pillar which can rotate on a circular stand. Dimensions of the model are 24" high x 8" in diameter, making it suitable for classroom demonstrations.

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Atoms, Electrons & Energy Kit
Our Price: $230.00

It can be challenging to learn the atomic structure of elements and how such structure leads to trends in the periodic table.
Teachers using visual and tactile models can overcome the abstract nature of the subject matter and greatly enhance student conceptualization.

This kit contains materials representing atomic structures and electron arrangement within elements. It also provides
materials necessary to demonstrate how atomic arrangement relates to placement in the periodic table of elements. The kit
was developed by experienced chemistry teachers and has been refined and tested to meet your needs.

The kit contains an energy level template, and enough nuclear areas, orbitals (s,p,d) and electrons to represent the first 36
elements. Each nucleus and orbital is color coded to match a large periodic chart depicting trends in electron orbital
arrangement and electronegativity. Also included is a large 1st ionization energy chart for these 36 elements.

Science standards expect students to identify and explain periodic trends, including atomic and ionic radii,
electronegativity, and ionization energy. The United AEEKIT is designed to do just this! All manipulatives in the teacher
demonstration kit are magnetic, colorful, reusable and easily seen from the back of the classroom.

Also included are ten sets of smaller, reusable student manipulatives suitable for a class of 30 students.

An included instructional CD and teaching manual will walk you through using the kit for the first time in an easy, familiar
and pictorial slide show fashion. This is a complete package, fun to use and will save you time and frustration!

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Meiosis Manipulatives Kit
Our Price: $279.99

Meiosis Manipulatives Kit

Teaching meiosis presents challenges for both teaching and learning because it is an abstract concept that requires visual and tactile models for most students to conceptualize. The exchange process of maternal and paternal alleles during cross-over is especially difficult without such a reference.
DNA Manipulatives Kit
Our Price: $287.95

DNA Manipulatives Kit

Developed by teachers, this kit aids students in understanding the principles of recombinant DNA technology. It consists of teacher demonstration models and student manipulative sets, sufficient for a classroom of thirty students.
Protein Synthethis Manipulatives Kit
Our Price: $289.95

Protein Synthethis Manipulatives Kit

The kit was developed by the same teacher who brought you recombinant DNA technology manipulatives. Now available are manipulates for teaching protein synthesis.
Mitosis Manipulatives Kit
Our Price: $329.95

Mitosis Manipulatives Kit

Designed by teachers and tested by teachers, this kit greatly enhances the student's understanding of the process of mitosis. All four stages of the cell cycle can be easily demonstrated with the parts included.