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Creepy, crawly, flying, flapping. Insects are an important part of our world!
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Magnifying Bug Viewer
Our Price: $3.99

Each viewer has a 3-1/2" magnifying lid and features air hols to keep insects alive.

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Deluxe Wood Butterfly Net
Our Price: $7.49

Catch all kinds of colorful butterflies and insects with this net. Features a 6-3/4 diameter net with a wooden handle that measures 15 long.
Safari Life Cycle of the Honey Bee
Our Price: $9.99

Long before they ever buzz around flowers looking for nectar, Honey Bees
go through multiple stages of growth hidden in their homes.
Safari Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly
Our Price: $9.99

The beautiful Monarch Butterfly undergoes one of the most extensive changes in all of nature.
Safari Life Cycle of the Luna Moth
Our Price: $9.99

The beautiful Monarch Butterfly undergoes one of the most extensive changes in all of nature.
Metal Earth Penny Farthing Bicycle
Our Price: $9.99

  • 3D Laser Cut Models
This early bicycle design called the Penny-farthing was first produced about 1870. It used an enlarged front wheel instead of gears to create greater speed and a smoother ride. It was the first machine to be called a bicycle.

Each model features AMAZINGLY detailed laser etching and is laser cut from 11cm square sheeting. Simply pop out the pieces by hand or with wire cutters. Then connect each piece at the attachment points according to the easy to follow instruction sheet included with each model. This can be accomplished by hand or facilitated by using needle nose pliers. Assembly takes 30-45 minutes.

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Butterfly Cage Pavilion 37" Tall
Our Price: $11.99

This approximately 11" (280mm) diameter and 37” (925mm) high (net cage) butterfly pavilion is an excellent value for breeding and viewing butterflies. Lightweight, durable construction makes for easy hanging. See-through mesh with zippered entry allows easy access for care and feeding, and keeps butterflies inside until you set them free. Larvae not included but easily sourced.

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Large Insect Net
Our Price: $12.00

Excellent quality instrument for insect collecting! This nylon insect net extends from 18" to 32" with a 48" long conical net is mounted on a 14" ring. Breaks down for storage/shipping.
Bug Vacuum Set
Our Price: $13.00

  • Catch and release all kinds of little critters

Catch bugs safely and observe them with the bug vacuum! The vacuum with catcher pulls the bugs safely into the observation tube where you can view them under the magnifier lid. Includes tweezers, pipe sucker, and 2 nose cones for specialized bug gettin'.
Bug Blocks Set 1
Our Price: $13.95

A set of four bugs encased in acrylic blocks. Great specimens for stereo and inspection microscopes.