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Desktop Skeleton Model 17"
Our Price: $34.95

This desktop skeleton is sure to give years of learning fun and is a
great demonstration model for learning basic anatomical features. The
skeleton features a movable jaw on springs, natural movement of the
joint with the exception of the fused carpals and tarsals. Constructed
of rugged plastic with a black plastic base. Features include
unbreakable ribs, stainless steel screws, brackets and springs to resit
corrosion. Diagram included.
Flexible Hand Skeleton Model
Our Price: $44.95

This hand model is mounted on a base and shows the distal portions of the ulna and radius.  The skeleton hand model is fully articulated with wire and is slightly flexible to portray the natural movement of the human hand.
Life-Size Human Skull Model
Our Price: $48.95

This plastic, life-sized human skull is designed to meet your budget and your objective for introductory anatomical studies. The 18th left mandibular model canine, and 24th left central incisor are removable to show the tooth roots.
Foot Skeleton Model
Our Price: $48.95

This foot model is mounted on a base and includes the distal portions of the tibia and fibula.  This detailed model can be a great aid in educating students about the different structures and names of the bones in the foot.
Human Fetal Skull Model (30th week of pregnancy)
Our Price: $54.95

This human fetal skull shows the characteristics of prenatal development during the 30th week of pregnancy. The fontanelle, which becomes bone over time is visible and allows students to study the anatomy of the fetal skull with ease.
Knee Joint Model
Our Price: $59.95

The detailed anatomy of the knee joint and the mechanics of the knee are shown in this model.  This model consists of the distal portion of the femur, proximal portion of both the tibia and fibula, as well as, the meniscus, patella with the quadriceps tendon and joints ligaments.
Human Spinal Column Model (1/2 size)
Our Price: $74.95

This (50cm) spinal column with occipital bone consists of 24 vertebrae with soft vinyl discs, sacrum, coccyx, and pelvic bones with femur heads. Nerve endings are exposed.
Female Pelvis Model
Our Price: $74.99

This life-size female pelvis model is made up of the ischium, illium and pubic pelvic bones.  The coccyx, pubic symphysis and the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae are also shown.
Human Skull Model with Markings
Our Price: $79.95

This 3 part human skull has numerical markings for easy identification of the cranial bones, sutures and muscles.  Features hand-painted sutures in orange, muscle origins in red and insertions are in blue.
Shoulder Joint Model
Our Price: $92.00

This life-size model depicts the mechanics and detailed anatomy of
the human shoulder and provides a great opportunity for student and
patient learning. This model features portions of the clavicle, humerus,
and shoulder blade as well as the glenohumeral and other ligaments that
connect each to one another and allow movement.