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Chemistry Fun Chemistry Sets
Crystal Growing
From chemistry sets, to crystal growing. Chemistry is an 'elemental' part of our lives.
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6" Glow Light Stick
Our Price: $1.50

Just snap the stick and shake it up for a cool light source that lasts up to 12 hours! Great for parties, dances, concerts, campouts and more. Color is green.
Mystical Fire
Our Price: $1.99

Create magical fires of blue, green and red to your campfire, fire pit or fireplace. Small fire requires 1-2 packs, larger fires 3-5 packs. Can be used on indoor or outdoor fires. Do not cook over colored fires.
Touchable Bubbles
Our Price: $2.49

Bubbles you can touch! Blow them like regular bubbles, but after a couple of seconds they harden and can be touched without popping! Each test tube is 4-1/2" tall and contains 3/4 oz. of touchable bubble solution!
Water Marbles 1 Liter 12-15mm diameter
Our Price: $2.99

  • Now Improved! Get so much more for your money!

To experience the fun and ingenuity of this exciting product, simply fill a cup, bowl, or vase with water and add Water marbles. In less than one day, Water Marbles will expand to over 200 times their size as they grow to the size of a marble! Water Marbles are safe and non-toxic.
Super Bouncing Bubbles
Our Price: $2.99

Bounce the bubbles off the magic gloves! Blow soap bubbles like you normally would but now you can bounce them and even 'catch' them while you wear these gloves! A great new twist on fun with bubbles! Kit inlcudes 50ml bubble solution, bubble tray, bubble blower and kid sized glove (colors vary).

Space Sand
Our Price: $3.00

See the sensation that has been featured in countless media including
Family Fun Magazine, and the Regis and Kelly Show. This amazing sand
will not get wet: dump it in a glass of water, remove it with a spoon,
and it will emerge completely dry! This sand is actually the closest
thing to sand on Mars, and it is used in NASA Mars Exploration Classroom
experiments. Space Sand comes in many colors and is completely
Make Your Own Bouncing Ball Kit
Our Price: $3.49

This science project will put a bounce in your step. The process involves putting together a ball mold, adding powdered rubber, and submerging the mold in water.
Magic Sand with Molds
Our Price: $3.49

Comfortable, moldable sand and six plastic molds.

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Joke Relighting Candles
Our Price: $3.50

These trick candles are a sure-fire hit at birthday parties. Once you blow them out, they light again all by themselves. Each set of 8 in blister card packaging with instructions.
Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light
Our Price: $3.99

Write in invisible ink and then read your words secretly! The Ghost Writer has an invisible ink pen and built in UV (blacklight) flashlight that lets you read the words on the page. It also has a regular pen for normal writing.