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Water Marbles 1 Liter 12-15mm diameter
Our Price: $2.99

  • Now Improved! Get so much more for your money!

To experience the fun and ingenuity of this exciting product, simply fill a cup, bowl, or vase with water and add Water marbles. In less than one day, Water Marbles will expand to over 200 times their size as they grow to the size of a marble! Water Marbles are safe and non-toxic.
4 pc Colored Finger Lights
Our Price: $3.49

Pack of 4 Finger Lights. Each light straps to your finger with an elasticstrap.
Balance Bird
Our Price: $3.99

This amazing bird keeps its balance almost anywhere! You can place it on a fingertip, a computer monitor, or almost anywhere and spin it! It won't fall down!
Bismuth Crystal - 1"-1-1/2"
Our Price: $4.25

Bismuth Crystal - 1"-1-1/2"

Bismuth is a chemical element (Number 83) that forms a colorful and boxy configuration when it reforms from being melted. Bismuth crystals typically reflect the colors pink, blue, white, yellow, and others.
Astronaut Ice Cream
Our Price: $4.50

Enjoy your ice cream just as the Astronauts do � the freeze-dried way! Astronaut Ice Cream as well as other freeze-dried food items, have been aboard space missions since the early Mercury Missions. They continue to be used on NASA missions today.
Deluxe Mini Pocket Kite
Our Price: $5.99

This nylon kite unfolds from the 3-1/4 zippered pocket pouch read to fly! Great for spontaneous kit flying on beach trips or hikes. Includes kite string and winder.
Glow Mini-Stars
Our Price: $6.00

Contains over 50 3/4� stars. Adhesive included.
Mini Newton's Cradle
Our Price: $6.99

The classic executive desktop toy - in miniature form! And it works! This wire-framed Newton's Cradle measures 2-3/4" long, but it still packs that momentum-conserving punch when the balls hit each other. Simply pull back one or more of the balls and watch them strike the rest only to see a single (or more, equal to the amount you pulled back in the first place) ball fly out! This size is at a great price, too!
Original Gyroscope - Boxed
Our Price: $7.99

The original, classic gyroscope! Gyroscopic forces have amazed mankind for hundreds of years. Now these amazing forces are yours.
Giant Microbes- MRSA
Our Price: $9.95

You won't find this Superbug in the Halls of Justice.

Giant Microbes are stuffed 'animals' that look like tiny microbes—only a million times actual size!

Each 5-to-7 inch doll is accompanied by an image of the real microbe it represents, as well as information about the microbe.