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Orion Observer 60mm Altaz Refractor Telescope
Our Price: $99.95

  • A perfect gift for the novice offers jaw-dropping views of lunar craters, Saturn's rings, Jupiter's moons and more.
  • 60mm glass lens with two fully coated 1.
Orion Observer 60mm Altaz Refractor Telescope Starter Kit
Our Price: $99.99

This is a great telescope and accessory kit for kids interested in
astronomy and space. The Orion Observer 60mm AZ refractor telescope is a
wonderful starter telescope well-equipped for visual adventures under
starry skies. The Observer 60mm is a full-fledged refractor telescope
complete with everything you need to start enjoying the night sky like
never before. The extra goodies included with the Observer 60mm
Altazimuth Refractor & Starter Kit are ideal for beginning backyard
astronomers. This value-packed telescope and accessory kit will make a
great gift for any child interested in exploring starry skies!
Orion Observer 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope
Our Price: $139.95

  • A great telescope for beginners interested in nighttime stargazing and daytime terrestrial viewing
  • 70mm aperture and 700mm focal length for wonderful views of the moon, planets, nebulas and galaxies
  • Includes a sturdy tripod and an altazimuth mount for simple horizontal and vertical movement
  • Includes two eyepieces, finder scope, focuser, diagonal, and FREE Starry Night astronomy software
  • One-year limited warranty

Telescopes needn't be exclusively nighttime creatures. By virtue of its altazimuth mount, this one works well for both daytime terrestrial viewing and nighttime astronomical use.
Orion Observer 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope Kit
Our Price: $179.99

Thanks to its sturdy altazimuth mount and quality refractive optics,
the Orion Observer 70mm refractor telescope works well for both daytime
terrestrial viewing and nighttime astronomical use. The included
altazimuth mount offers intuitive up/down (altitude) and left/right
(azimuth) motion to make maneuvering the telescope easy. Thanks to its
versatility and simple, easy-to-use design, the Observer 70mm Altazimuth
Refractor Telescope is well suited to beginning astronomers. It is a
very lightweight and compact telescope, weighing just 6.5 lbs. once
assembled, so it's easy to carry to any observing location, be it out on
the lawn or an hour's drive into the hills.
Orion StarSeeker IV 130 GoTo Reflector Telescope
Our Price: $499.99

  • Let this clever computerized reflector and its big, 130mm optics guide you to bright views of everything from the Moon and planets to deep-sky targets like nebulas and star clusters
  • Huge GoTo database of over 42,000 objects, and handy built-in Tour mode lets you enjoy great views on any clear night
  • Once aligned, dual optical encoders on both axes of motion allow manual aiming of the telescope without losing GoTo alignment
  • After an object is selected, the StarSeeker IV 130mm locates and tracks it automatically so you can relax and enjoy the view
  • Includes GoTo hand controller, 23mm (28.2x) and 10mm (65x) wide-field 60-degree eyepieces, EZ Finder II sight, and more

The StarSeeker IV 130mm GoTo Reflector Telescope presents a winning combination of motorized object-location technology and great optical performance at an unbelievably low price. This smart GoTo telescope will lead you and your family on a guided tour of the stars on any clear night.

Featuring a reflector optical tube with moderate, 650mm focal length and f/5.0 focal ratio, the versatile StarSeeker IV 130mm Reflector collects light with its 5.1" aperture, parabolic reflecting optics for bright, wide-field views. The entire telescope setup weighs just 21.5 lbs for easy transport, whether you're heading down the road or out to the backyard.

Following a simple two-star alignment process, the Orion StarSeeker IV 130mm telescope can guide you to interesting sights on any clear night with its GoTo database of over 42,000 objects. A handy, built-in "Tour" mode feature of the included GoTo hand controller makes it easy for anyone to explore the wonders of starry skies, no matter how familiar or unfamiliar you are with the night sky. Once the StarSeeker IV 130mm GoTo Reflector locates a target for you to explore, the single-arm altazimuth mount's internal motors will automatically track the object's apparent motion and keep it centered so you can enjoy the view as long as you wish.

This fourth generation StarSeeker telescope features dual optical encoders on each axis of motion which allow you to move the telescope tube either manually by hand, or electronically by using the directional arrows on the GoTo hand controller. Thanks to this impressive upgrade, the StarSeeker IV 130mm will not lose its GoTo alignment if you reposition the reflector telescope tube manually, or accidentally bump into a tripod leg during an observing session. To save time, battery life, and reduce motor wear, you can manually point the telescope towards the general area of a target object, then engage the tube lock and use the hand controller to let the GoTo mount finish the fine-centering of the object electronically.

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